French Press Method

Brew Guide

French Press Method

30g | 500g @ 200°F / 93°C | medium-coarse grind

What you need:

  • Medium-Coarse Ground Arroo Coffee
  • French Press
  • Kettle
  • Your favourite coffee cup!


Step 1: Grind Coffee

It is important that the coffee be ground with a good quality burr (rather than blade) grinder. By grinding the coffee medium-coarse, you’re allowing for a slower and more even extraction, which results in a fuller bodied and more nuanced cup. Blade grinders chop the coffee rather than grinding it, resulting in uneven and unpredictable particle size & increased bitterness.

Step 2: Add coffee to pot

Ensure the pot is clean and dry. Weigh out the coffee and add.

Step 3: Add water

Bring 500g water to the boil & then let it cool for 45 seconds. Pour it aggressively into the pot so that water saturates the grounds evenly. Move the stream around to facilitate this. Do not fill up pot entirely.

Step 4: Remove the stuff

After 4 minutes stir the crust and remove the foam and any floating grounds using two spoons (similarly to your cupping skim technique)

Step 5: Relax

Do nothing for 5 minutes

Step 6: Plunge

Put the lid on and plunge until you reach the surface, do not disturb the coffee bed