What is the best coffee mug for you?

What is the best coffee mug for you? Can it actually make a difference in how you enjoy your coffee?

For many filter coffee fans drinking coffee is more than just a daily habit, it is a ritual. A favourite coffee cup can be part of that ritual along with choosing the right brewing method.

Have you really thought that much about your coffee mug? Most people have mugs that come as a set, gifts, etc but going to choose a specific mug for the coffee you brew can be an interesting process.

In this post, we will be discussing the various things you should consider when on the hunt for the perfect cup!


A few things to consider when choosing the best coffee mug for you

What you like to drink your coffee out of will be different for everybody. There are no right or wrong answers to personal coffee cup preferences but here are a few things to consider.


Are you primarily drinking coffee on the go? Maybe look into a Travel Thermos or a mug that will fit into your car’s cup holder. Looking for a mug to take camping? Think about durability and how well it works with your coffee outside the brewing method. Are you a home barista looking to skill up on your latte art? The Keep Cup Brew Cork is perfect for the flat white merchants among us with an excellent shape for pouring your milk and a quality lid so you can take your creations on the go.

As you can see there are lots of different types of mugs to choose from, here are our top five favorites:

  1. Glass coffee cups – Green Globe
    • these are a house favorite, lovely aesthetic, feel, and a decent price too
  2. Travel coffee mugs – Keep Cup Thermos
    • a great cup for coffee on the go, stylish look and feel, and keeps that coffee shop brew nice and warm!
  3. Smart coffee mugs – Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug
    • This could be a bit of a contentious one I guess, but, if you’re the person who brews a coffee and ends up getting distracted with work or daily tasks it can help you avoid that unintentional iced latte sitting on your desk!
  4. Travel mugs for manual brewing – Aeropress Go
    • we’re big fans of the original Aeropress so the Aeropress Go for hikes and days by the beach is an excellent companion for brewing up your next adventures.
  5. Mug sets – John Ryan Ceramics
    • for the homely cuppa, these mugs are both aesthetically pleasing and nicely weighted, and best of all handmade by John Ryan in Sligo.


Are you the kind of person that enjoys your coffee more when it’s in a nice tidy takeaway cup? Why? No idea? It’s probably the look, the cool coffee shop logo, and the perfect size for the amount of coffee. We find the double-walled glass cups can be very nice and relatively inexpensive from the likes of Amazon, the jury is out on ceramic mugs with that grainy feel, but they can be pretty nice if you find the right one!


Shape and size can be important, especially when working with milky coffees. A long narrow cup probably isn’t going to be as easy to work with for home “latte arters” with the more bowl like cups being preferable when learning to pour. Along with other factors, the shape of a coffee mug can also affect how the coffee will taste (yes coffee can taste different out of different vessels) and the general functionality of a coffee cup. The shape of a coffee cup will have a big impact on its functionality and if it is right for you.


The material your coffee mug is made out of can impact everything from how your coffee tastes, to heat retention, and how you should care for it.

Ceramic coffee mugs are the most popular choices but you can also find coffee mugs made of glass, enamelware, and even stainless steel.

So in summary, there are lots of different options to choose from, some for function, some for aesthetics and style, but the most important thing is to get you thinking about what cup you use for your morning brew and will buying a new one enhance that experience, we think it will.